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During this extraordinary time, we are fortunate to have our children attending a school that is no less extraordinary. Once again we are able to sense the commitment of the entire pedagogical team (the teachers, support staff and the management team), who were able to rise this challenge in an incredible way.

On behalf of the PA, and more generally the parents of the school, we would like to thank all the EELM staff and assure them of our total confidence and support as we enter this new phase.

The PA Bureau

English Miscellaneous


Dear parents,

We would like to take this opportunity in the last days of January to wish you a Happy New Year 2020. We hope that it will be rich in experiences and filled with happiness for your children, yourself and all your relatives.

This message is also an opportunity to thank all the parents who are involved in the PA, in the working groups or on specific projects.

Thanks to this tremendous collective momentum, we were able to organise a sale to raise funds for the school, have a wonderful time at the Christmas Festival, and cover all the books in the school library.

With the help of the school management team and the stakeholders, and especially the town of Marcq-en-Baroeul, we are working on the issue of transport and extracurricular activities.

A first tangible result is the setting up of a *Lunch Box Service*:
– P1 & M1/M2 Children can now bring their lunch box (starting immediately).
– Children will eat their lunch box in the Canteen.
– This service is free of charge with a few conditions: meals cannot be reheated nor refrigerated.
– Interested families are asked to contact the management team directly before using this service.

All this work will continue in the coming months and you will soon have the dates of the next projects.

On February 1st, the school’s open day will take place. On this occasion, a stand run by the parents will help welcome families who will visit the school. We thank all the parents who volunteered to help run this stand.

Best regards,
the Bureau of the PA