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Paella !

For the last Easy Mercredi of the year, the PA offers you a paella in partnership with La Compagnie de Charlie.

2 menus of your choice based on paella rice, peppers, peas, tomato and chicken broth or fish broth

  • Mixed paella : Chicken, chorizon, prawns, squid and mussels
  • Fish paella : Cod steak, king prawns, mussels, calamari

You can place your orders until April 1 at 6 p.m, for delivery after school on 6 Avril from 11:40 am to 12:40pm.

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This is the third school year for the students and families of EELM, and the year 2021 is almost over already. The Parents’ Association and its new team are happy to present the actions of the different working groups. If these actions inspire you, and you are interested in joining a group, do not hesitate. You are more than welcome!


Thank you all for your participation in our first Easy Wednesday on 20 October. A second Easy Wednesday will take place on 2 February with a Chinese New Year theme.
For Christmas, we were a little frustrated in our enthusiasm. We would have liked to been able to organise a friendly Christmas festival so that we could finally meet in person. We realised that we would have to wait a little longer for that, so we proposed a Christmas tree sale.
On the expense side, we financed sports equipment and playground game equipment to the tune of 500 euros for the school. We also approved two financial contributions from the APE to the school, for a total of 1900 euros to help finance outings and trips for the pupils of sections M, P and S.
We are now getting down to work to prepare a magnificent yearbook for the end of the year. If any of you would like to have a copy of the 2020-21 yearbook, please contact us, as we still have some left.


The library group is in the process of cataloguing the contents of the M and P library using software purchased by the school. This will allow us to start lending books in the near future. The group would also like to continue opening the library during lunchtime for the children. We need many volunteers to be able to offer as many opening days as possible! Please contact us at if you are interested.


This year we have further expanded our range of extra-curricular activities. Our extra-curricular activities for M1/M2 and P1/P2/P3 have resumed with great success and have been running since 6 September. Thanks to the precautions taken from the start, all the workshops have been maintained despite changes in the health protocol. In total, there are 13 workshops and 155 children taking part on a daily basis!
We are pleased to offer extra-curricular activities to secondary school pupils from 3 January. You can register since 5 December with UFCV for one of the 6 workshops proposed: Kung Fu, theatre (FR), capoeira, chess, Bollywood (EN), and Brazilian music. Thank you to all the parents involved in this group who allow us to ensure a follow-up of the workshops and good communication between the professionals and the parents.


An appeal has been made to families to collect eco-cups that you do not use at home. This will allow us to organise birthdays and events without using plastic or nonrecyclable/reusable cups. The collection is not over yet, so please have your child bring them to school, and we will collect them! When you pass by the school, the vegetable garden seems abandoned. Well, it’s not, it’s resting. We have added potting soil and dead leaves to the vegetable trays so that the seedlings and plantations will have the best possible environment to grow in the coming months. The bird feeders have also been filled to help the birds through the harsh winter months. Finally, the toy collection for the benefit of the associations Ludopital and Enfance et Vie will take place in December.


As soon as school was back in session, the group members were mobilized for the School Ecomobility Challenge that took place from October 11th to the 15th in order to encourage participation in the event among school staff and families. Several routes to come to school together were proposed which allowed for some lovely meetings between families! Once again this year, a class from our school won the award for being the class with the best progression towards ecomobility.
Bravo P3 EN! The pupils will receive their award December 14th in the presence of the CREM (EcoMobility Resource Center).
This spirit of collaboration was strengthened thanks to the sale organized with the EcoSchool and Fundraising groups of fluorescent yellow safety vests personalized by the APE. Don’t worry if you missed out! We will be holding another sale in May for the annual Bike Challenge.
Additionally, the Mobility group is currently working on implementing the PDES “Plan Déplacement Établissement Scolaire” (School Commute Plan) in collaboration with the school. We will be sharing more about this soon to make use of this research and action tool concerning your home-to-school commutes. We’re counting on you!
Don’t hesitate to contact us at


In the Communication & Diversity group, we are thinking about how to highlight the many nationalities present in the school. A Diversity project is in the making, the idea being to regularly highlight one nationality through cultural actions and events. If you want to be part of this project, please join us! We are looking for volunteers who will be able to share their ideas and bring diversity to life in our school.
We would also like to know your expectations and opinions in terms of communication. That is why we are launching a survey for all families. We would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to answer it so that we can better understand your expectations and improve the points that need to be optimised. Thank you, everyone!

Newsletter #4 EN

Newsletter #4 FR

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Cookbook: Let’s get cooking!

Hello everyone,

Since we can’t travel abroad, the PA offers you the opportunity to make your taste buds travel.

We invite you to create a collaborative cookbook that resembles us, that reflects our school’s culture and diversity.

Join us with your culinary specialties and talents.

Please, send us before November 23rd at the address :

Your favorite recipe or your children’s favorite recipe (sweet and/or savoury). Please, specify :

  • First name of your child
  • His/her class
  • A photo of the recipe you have prepared
  • The country your recipe is from.

Recipes from the school educational team are welcome.

This personalized cookbook will be on sale for the holidays.

The profits will be used to finance projects for the children of our school.

Take care

See you soon

The EELM PA team

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School Ecomobility Challenge, October 2020

Dear Parents and Pupils,

We would like to invite you to take part, with the School, in the ‘School Ecomobility Challenge’, which takes places next week from Monday 5 to Friday 9 October. Every morning during the week, your child’s teacher will make a note of the type of transportation they used to come to school.

What’s the goal?

– To increase awareness about nicer ways (walking, cycling, using scooters, public transport, etc.) to travel to and from school;

– To increase awareness about the beneficial effects of these alternatives for our health and for the environment;

– To reduce, throughout this ‘ecomobility’ week, the amount of car traffic around the School;

– To make getting to school safer for pupils and parents.


By traveling to School by a means other than the personal car.  Doing so just on one day in the week would make a real contribution to meeting this Challenge!

The EELM has set up a Cmabulle account. You can download the app today and use it to find and get organized with other parents near where you live to share the trip to school

Where and when?

–  Saint Vincent Church in Marcq-en-Barœul by bike on Monday 5 and Thursday 8 October

–  Saint Maurice Pellevoisin by bike on Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7 and Friday 9 October

–  Wasquehal by tram and walking bus on Tuesday 6 and Thursday 8 October

–  Quesnoy-sur-Deûle by bike on Monday 5 and Wednesday 7 October

You can see the detail of the proposed routes in the attached document.

And you can create your own route if you wish with other families (and don’t forget Cmabulle might help you to do so).

With whom?

Parents will be there. Why not join them!

You can help us meet this Challenge!

Parents remain responsible for their children. And last but not least, don’t forget to wear a yellow vest and a helmet!

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Back to school

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Parents’ Association, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new families to EELM and to welcome back our families from last year.

Please find below some practical information and important dates to put in your agenda for September.

We have been able to put in place an after-school activity programme for M1/M2 and P1/ P2 which will start on September 28th. Registration for the activities will be possible as of September 14th. Practical details and information will be forwarded on to you by the “After-school activities” Working Group in the coming days. Keep an eye out for information in your e-mails.

For all newcomers and other parents interested in knowing more about the Parent Association, we would like to invite you to attend a meeting where you will have the opportunity to meet the current members of the Parents’ Association; the Bureau; the Conseil d’Administration and the current Working Groups. This would be a great opportunity for parents who wish to volunteer a bit of their time and get involved in the School life and the Parents’ Association team.

We welcome and need your help and support!

The meeting will take place on September 14th from 19.30 until 20.30. The venue will be confirmed later on. Those who are unable to attend in person will have the possibility to participate via Teams. Please send your email address beforehand to:

Finally, during the Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on Wednesday, September 30th from 18:30 to 21:00, the Association will present its end-of-year report which will include the financial report and the activity reports of the Working Groups. Elections of new members of the Conseil d’Administration for the school year 2020-2021 will also take place during the AGM.

Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to meeting you very soon and we wish you all a great new school year in our École Européenne Lille Métropole!

Les membres du bureau de l’année 2019-2020

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We would like to share with you the new logo for the EELM Parent Association.

We have created a logo that is universal in meaning and emphasises who we represent. In addition, the logo is recognisably aligned to the school’s logo in its presentation.

On behalf of the entire EELM Parent Association, we would like to thank Michael Barton for giving his valuable time during confinement to create this final image. Michael’s willingness to help and generosity of time is a further reminder of how supportive our school community is.

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During this extraordinary time, we are fortunate to have our children attending a school that is no less extraordinary. Once again we are able to sense the commitment of the entire pedagogical team (the teachers, support staff and the management team), who were able to rise this challenge in an incredible way.

On behalf of the PA, and more generally the parents of the school, we would like to thank all the EELM staff and assure them of our total confidence and support as we enter this new phase.

The PA Bureau

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Dear parents,

We would like to take this opportunity in the last days of January to wish you a Happy New Year 2020. We hope that it will be rich in experiences and filled with happiness for your children, yourself and all your relatives.

This message is also an opportunity to thank all the parents who are involved in the PA, in the working groups or on specific projects.

Thanks to this tremendous collective momentum, we were able to organise a sale to raise funds for the school, have a wonderful time at the Christmas Festival, and cover all the books in the school library.

With the help of the school management team and the stakeholders, and especially the town of Marcq-en-Baroeul, we are working on the issue of transport and extracurricular activities.

A first tangible result is the setting up of a *Lunch Box Service*:
– P1 & M1/M2 Children can now bring their lunch box (starting immediately).
– Children will eat their lunch box in the Canteen.
– This service is free of charge with a few conditions: meals cannot be reheated nor refrigerated.
– Interested families are asked to contact the management team directly before using this service.

All this work will continue in the coming months and you will soon have the dates of the next projects.

On February 1st, the school’s open day will take place. On this occasion, a stand run by the parents will help welcome families who will visit the school. We thank all the parents who volunteered to help run this stand.

Best regards,
the Bureau of the PA