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Ludopital : Collecting toys

The approaching festive season is associated with sharing, generosity and solidarity. We want these strong civic values, so dear to the European Schools, to take on a real dimension in the eyes of our children.

We invite you all to join us in a campaign to collect second-hand toys for a local children’s charity called : Ludopital.

Toys can be donated from December 7th to December 11th. Children put their toy or game in the boxes provided in their classrooms. The aims of Ludopital and the reasons for this project will be explained to the children in class.

This initiative includes all classes (M – P – S). To help you, here is a list of toys your children can donate :

  • Baby toys and games (sensory toys for example)
  • Soft toys (CE standard)
  • Small vehicles (cars, trucks…)
  • Role-playing toys (dolls, characters, animals, costumes…)
  • Books, comics, manga
  • Jigsaw puzzles (<250 pieces)
  • Board games
  • Games and books for teenagers

All toys donated must be in very good condition, clean, and with no missing pieces.
Many thanks for your generosity.

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