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Yearbook : Pre-order

Here is a preview of the first EELM Yearbook.

What is the Yearbook?

The Yearbook is a book that gathers pictures of all the classes that make up our school, mini-portraits of all the students. You will also find the highlights of each section and the actions carried out by the APE.

This yearbook will allow students and their parents to keep vivid memories of ending year with their class but also all the other ones.

This collection is a complementary souvenir to the class photo that you may have already ordered.

Orders for the Yearbook will open on June 1st and close on June 10th at 8 p.m., as it will go to press early June. It will be distributed in class on June 25. You will receive the link to order it in a few days.

As with every action taken by the APE, the profits collected will be used to finance projects for our children’s school.